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USD Opportunities
Here’s a list of Opportunities where you can earn some dollars and then invest that money on Crypto Currency like Bitcoin. Take your $$ and buy some Bitcoin.

Make money recycling
make some money recycling bottles, plastic bottles, cans, papers, boxes, etc. I make $20 to $40 turining in 8 large plastic bags full of recyclable materials, I collect from home and my wife office.

Sell precious metals to metal buyers in the city
You could spend a day taking apart all sorts of junk and scraping out the scrap gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc and then take it down to the "We buy gold!" shop (recommend looking them up first to find the ones who buy scrap metal and not just jewelry). Finding metal in junk is tedious work but you can do it. Look in computers, calculators, etc. You gotta do some research to figure out which items contain which precious metals, but all it takes in the end is walking around the city and grabbing those items that people are throwing away. Also, this might be useful scrap metal forum

Sell your textbooks
If you went to college, you likely have expensive textbooks. You can sell those online and at least make your money back, though times are changing rapidly and the price is getting lower and lower as kindle and ebooks take the place of textbooks. But it's still worth looking into if you've got them. Just go to google and do a search for 'sell textbooks' and do some research.
Community Flea Market
Like most flea markets, it's basically one giant yard sale. People sell their furniture, books, dolls, decorations, records, kitchenware, etc. The prices are always cheaper than you would find anywhere else, so you could actually go the other way and buy the items there then sell them on craigslist or ebay.
Repair business
People need repairs. Car, computer, bike, appliance, furniture, shoes, boats... you name it and people need it repaired. If you have talent for fixing things, or even if you've just fixed one or two things before, then you may be valuable to someone who has no idea what they are doing. Just figure out what you are good at fixing, throw together a quick wordpress site and gmail address and start finding customers. It's weird that Craigslist doesn't have a section for repair services, but you can at least use the 'for sale' section to post an ad and the 'skilled trade' section of services to at least get the word out.

Buy $100 of Bitcoin get $10 of Bitcoin for free

Donate blood
The price was $25 for 2 pints, $50 if they call you back for a second time if they like your blood. If you don't do drugs, have no diseases, and are a rare blood type then you could potentially be called back again and again and make quite a bit!

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